I signed very big amount on settlement today. And attorney Kim fought against company that fired me for 23 months. Finally he and I bought to fruition. He is best. I express him appreciation for his efforts. Thank attorney Jong Yun kim.

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I contacted Attorney Jong Yun Kim for a misdemeanor case. Jong Kim was a huge blessing to me as I had no idea how to proceed with my case. Jong provided excellent feedback and helped me tailor my documents. My case was dismissed with his tremendous help. I would highly recommend contacting Jong regarding criminal/employment laws. I cannot emphasize enough how much he is dedicated to his client. He was always making sure I had my documents in time and checking upon on me to make sure I was following up. From the moment you speak to Jong, he is in contact with you about every detail. And if you have any questions for him, he literally responds after you hit send. I highly recommend everyone to reach out to Attorney Jong Yun Kim! and my case was successfully dismissed!
Yewon Kim
Mr. Jong Kim really did his do diligence on my case and represented me the way a family member would. He listened to what my concerns were and followed through by his professionalism and dedication to my case. I would gladly recommend Mr. Kim to anyone who needs an attorney that not only does his job but makes sure to make the client happy as well. Thank you again.
I would like to say Atty Mr Jong Kim is very Professional and honest. He work for you and has the skills to get your money back. I want to thank him for a job well done. He say what he mean and do what he say Yours truly Carmen . I would tell everybody about him.
Carmen Hooks
My parents were sued in an ADA case. Finding someone who was fluent in Korean and proficient in this area of law was crucial. I appreciate his hard work, availability, and results. I hope we will never need his services again, because nobody likes being sued, but we know where to go if we have similar trouble in the future.
Joseph Cho
I had a very complicated case for Mr. Kim but he really went the extra mile to help solve my issues. From the beginning, I could really tell that he was doing his best to fight for me. I actually was feeling a bit sorry that I had so much on my plate, but Jong Yun was really fighting both tooth and nail for me. And just like any fight in the world, I'm sure it's hard to always go undefeated, but Jong Yun won't stay down for you. He'll find any way he can to use the law to your favor. He will exhaust every means possible. So I am glad I put my money on him. I knew through our entire case, whatever the outcome, Jong Yun will do his best, and he is definitely quite the expert at it.
Tiger Joo
Honestly, don't look any further because Jong is the best. He'll give you 100% effort for a fair price. I had Jong handle a criminal case where a client was facing a DUI and Driving Without a License charges following an auto accident. Jong had the prosecutor dismiss the Driving Without a License charge, reduced the length of DUI education, and got rid of 48 hours of county jail requirement. Although Mothers Against Drunk Driving education and hospital & morgue duties are often required in these types of cases, Jong was able to have the prosecutor drop these conditions as well. It was a pleasure working with Jong, and I would definitely hire him in the future as well.
Claire Chisholm
I have had the wonderful privilege of being represented by Attorney Jong Yun Kim for several cases. I have found him to be the most honest, reliable, and diligent attorney that I have ever met in my entire life. I would highly recomment Attorney Jong Yun Kim for all those who value legal representation that is fair while prioritizing your best interests.
Joseph Song
I have personally known Jong Kim for several years now in a personal and professional capacity. I have referred several employment and criminal defense cases to him and am happy to report that all my friends and family have been extremely pleased with Jong's expertise as well as his quick responses. Jong is extremely knowledgeable and will always make his clients his number one priority.
Andrew Kim
Responsible and caring Attorney. He actually listens to your concerns and explains to you the best options available to resolve the issue. He is easy to understand and gives you peace of mind during highly stressful situations. Would not hesitate to recommend his services anytime I can. I appreciate his hard work.
Adriana Lopez
Mr. Kim was very attentive and listened carefully to our concerns. His thoroughness helped us to navigate through the case with much ease and less stress. Thank you for your service!
Thuan Nguyen
He is a good attorney. Very precise and careful in his proceedings. I would recommend Mr. Kim to anyone seeking a labor law suit.
David DeFendis
It was my first time getting arrested so i was really out of my element. Jong helped me out every step of the way and came to all the court dates(even the ones he didn't need to be there as well!) and told me what was going to happen so i was never surprised about anything the day of. He definitely helped me navigate the confusion that is the court system.
Andy Hwang
I never worried about filing paperwork or missing deadlines. Jong took care of everything for me. He just told me when and where I had to be and he was there through it all. I can’t thank him enough!
Reyna Guandique
The hours posted are his true hours. This man never stopped working for me on a labor dispute case. I had no idea the timeframe involved for a case or what to expect on such a case, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Very patient, and polite.
Cindy Sallee
I was very happy for the great job Mr Kim did for me and my family. I will never forget all the hard work they put in for me thank you
Mike Jimenez
Highly recommend! He is very professional and helped me get a great deal on my case Thank you again!!
Young Park
Excellent attorney. He was always available, responded quickly and made sure he gets the best results.
Jay Hong
The firm was responsive, followed through on requests to provide the updates, seeing things through to the end with outcome-based approach
Jim live
Great attorney at affordable rate, English/Spanish/Korean speaking.
Glenn Park (Min)
How more legal can you get then our glorious leader who is the most diplomatic
Omega Jordan
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Ho C Yoo
정말 추천해요! 저희는 파산신청을 했는데 한 차례 사기를 당했어요. 기간도 1년넘게..돈은 돈대로 날리고 시간은 시간대로 날리고..맘 고생도 엄청했습니다. 지인분의 소개로 연락해서 김변호사님께 다시 파산신청을 했습니다. 한차례 맘고생을 했던차라 꼬치꼬치 묻고 참 귀찮게 해드렸습니다. 계약서를 작성하고 서류제출하고 한달만에 법원에 함께가서 진행하고 두달만에 판사레러받고. 이모든과정이 4개월 안에 끝났습니다. 그후로도 물어볼게 있으면 언제나 친절히 알려주셨어요. 좋은 정보도 많이주시고. 그래서 저는 제 지인분께 추천드려서 이분도 지난 5월에 하셨어요. 김변호사님에 대해서 잘 모르겠다하시면 일단 상담한번 받아보세요! 저는 진심으로 강추합니다.
Cindy Jung
곤란한 일을 겪을때 힘이 되어주셔서 감사합니다. 합리적인 수임료로 임해주셨구요. 이후에도 다른일때문에 상담했을때도 친절히 답변해주셨구요. 나이많은 꼰대같은 변호사랑은 많은 차이점을 느꼈습니다 ㅎ 지금과 같은 열정으로 임해주시면 한타 최고의 변호사가 될거라 믿습니다 ~ 감사합니다 ^^
Yu Ji
김종윤 변호사님이 책임감 있고 프로답게 민사사건을 원만하게 해결해 주셨습니다 연락도 자주하시며 설명해 주시고 성심 성의것 열심히 해 주셔서 감사드립니다
Grace Hong
설명도 잘해주시고 다른변호사님들보다 저렴히 끝까지 책임져주셔서 감사햇습니다
김종윤 변호사님이 책임감 있고 프로답게 민사사건을 원만하게 해결해 주셨습니다 연락도 자주하시며 설명해 주시고 성심 성의것 열심히 해 주셔서 감사드립니다
Grace Hong
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